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The Lifestyle Suite

The Lifestyle Suite
Representing some of the best loved names in health and lifestyle.
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Previously known as
SL Talent Management (SLTM), The Lifestyle Suite represents some of the best
loved names in health and lifestyle in the country, including GP and TV
Presenter Dr Ginni Mansberg; Journalist and TV Presenter Shelly Horton;
Psychologist, Author and Speaker Dr Tim Sharp, and Interior
Designers and Renovators, Michael and Carlene Duffy.Agency talent also
includes elite athletes, qualified health experts and lifestyle presenters, all
with strong broadcast and social media platforms, and all available to
participate in activities ranging from TV and radio hosting and presenting, to
event hosting and MCing, keynotes and workshops, content creation and PR,
social and brand ambassador activities. For more information about how you can work with The Lifestyle Suite visit our website or email