Russian Film Festival
9th - 30th November 2020

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Russian Film Festival 2020
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Dear Cinema Lover,

Welcome to the 2020 Russian Film Festival proudly presented by the Ministry of Culture Russian Federation and ROSKINO.

In partnership with Hyvio, we are excited to present Australians with a very special selection of films which represent the best contemporary Russian cinema. Including dramas, a historical biopic, comedy and breathtaking animation, many of these films have made the official selection of world-renowned festivals and won multiple awards, while 4 of these films were made by female directors.

Whether you decide to step back into another time and discover Moscow in the late 50s through the eyes of a French student in 'A Frenchman' or get a glimpse into the life of the author that gave us 'War and Peace' and 'Anna Karenina' in 'The Story of an Appointment' about Leo Tolstoy.

If you're looking for laughs 'Another Woman' is a modern, touching and hilarious comedy by Anna Parmas who has also directed Leningrad's music videos.

Seeking adventure? Join Kai and Gerda in their latest magical tale 'The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice' which the whole family can enjoy!

'Core of the World' and 'The Man Who Surprised Everyone' are gritty award-winning dramas, based on characters living in the outskirts of life... Both stories are guaranteed to move you.

Don't miss 'The Bolshoi' and 'Ice' both films are inspiring, uplifting tales about ordinary young women with extraordinary dreams, who must fight for what they love and to be the best!

We hope you enjoy watching these diverse and heart-warming stories...

All these amazing films are free to stream for a limited time.

Enjoy the festival!

The Russian Film Festival 2020 - November 9 - 30