In the year 2022, the planet is ravaged by humanity's worst fear: World War III. But this is not a war of bombs and bullets, it is a war of information and governments and the global corporate sector has had no success in finding the leader of the attack.

After 20 years of waiting, the head of a super-secret UN facility, ETHOS, designated to train the world's most genetically perfect children to become an elite fighting force, finally receives his shot at saving the world. With his now mid-20's wards who are hyper fast, can dodge bullets, draw metal objects to themselves and can strategize better than a 5-star general, he sets about searching and destroying the hacker hubs and eventually ending the global extortion of the "Hacker War."

None of these super elite warriors are better than the beautiful OMEGA. But when the bickering between the ETHOS siblings escalates, their enemy takes command of the situation and is able to use his hacking technology to turn the ETHOS warriors on each other.

Omega is able to break the spell, only to have to fight the forces of Ibrahim but also those of her sibling-equals.

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