Based on the famous French novel Les Liaisons Dangeureux (Dangerous Liaisons), Log In is a 21st-century take on voyeurism, passion, and revenge.

Janka and Banhegyi meet over the internet, on a video dating site, where each is searching for clues to a loved one's suicide. Janka has just learned that when her husband killed himself, he was secretly involved with Anett, a larcenous seductress he met through a video dating site.

Banhegyi has just lost his daughter after her heart is broken by the wealthy and debauched Marco. Janka and Banhegyi plot to seduce Marco and Anett and extract revenge for the deaths, but they are caught in their own trap when they lose track of who is the seducer and who is being seduced.

Told entirely through computer video recordings, Log In is a sexy, scary roller coaster ride that takes you to the heights and depths of human desire.

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