Series description: Imagine if the BBC version of The Office married the American version of The Office. A UK based TV production company relocates to the US to film their 4th season of Go-Karts & Hot Rods-- an "actuality" show. When the Brits and 'Mericans work together, they have a tough time understanding each other even though they're speaking the same language.

- Cast
Olivia Gadson, Andrew Malcolm, Brand Rackley, Roxanne Brooks, Pete Monro, Anthony Newman, Morocco Nelvin, Clarissa Thebeaux, Jasmine Moton, and Paige Lauren Billiot

- Writer/Director: Lagueria Davis

- Producer(s): Lagueria Davis & Rebekah Bell

- Co-Producer(s): Lance Gill & Carlos Barboza

- Length of Series: 15 mins (Season 1)

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