Dace Decklan is a down-on-his-luck Private Eye suddenly struck by the classic opening of every film noir detective film. 'It was a typical day when she came in ' Her name is Lena and she needs Dace to track down her missing father, Rados, the man Dace accidentally crippled in the Civil War of Rambosia. Dace takes the case and quickly learns that Rados has devoted his life to the erection. Locked away in a sweaty lab, he has invented Viagra ... I mean Tentigo ... but success makes him a hunted man. As Dace and Lena track Rados through the jungle, a local Drug Cartel move in to claim the pills for their own nefarious means, and a militant Christian movement seek the same. The race is on. Who will find Rados first? Oozing with love and lust and a whole lot of blood, and incorporating animation, absurdity, comic style violence and explosions, plus the fun of fat people sex, Dace Decklan: Private Eye is an out of control, politically-incorrect romp. Uncensored. Unrestrained. Unleashed!

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