Ocean Camping and Lobster Diving in Florida - Part 2
This was by far one of my favorite trip's this summer!

Lauren was able to get some time off from work so we took a trip down to the Florida Keys for the Lobster Mini Season which is pretty much a state holiday to the locals.

Mini Season lasts for two days and you are able to keep 6 lobsters per person per day in Monroe County (Keys) and that was our goal!

It's a sought after time to go because it is the first two days anyone with a purchased permit can lobster before the commercial season starts in subsequent weeks.

Why Camp on the Water?
Here in Florida some islands or keys are privately owned so you can only camp on public islands and if there aren't any close to your diving grounds, you are out of luck.

Camping on the water not only keeps the miserable no see ums and mosquitoes away but with only a slight breeze it keeps you cooler than sleeping on land.

This style of camping is perfect for July in Florida

I hope y’all enjoy this video, as always thank you for all the love and support, it means the world!

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