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Girl VS Gator

Gator fishing is highly regulated in Florida, but this year my name got picked in the raffle and I was awarded a permit and tags! I was incredibly stoked when I first found out and instantly started to plan my trip.

I really wanted to try for one on the Sea-Doo! I have never fished that area, nor been there, so I took a day to scout.

Sure enough, I found some gators and was off on an adventure early the next morning. It was wild.

The whole planning process had led up to this moment and while many things went well, one very unexpected thing happened mid-fight... My plan was derailed and well, the rest is in these videos!

I hope y’all enjoy this series, as always thank you for all the love and support, it means the world!

My Longest Paddle Board Fight

This was the longest fight I have ever experienced off of a stand up paddle board. Just when I thought I had him, he was gone!

Every time he made a run, I wanted him that much more. This has been a bucket list fish for me and Joey Antonelli knew how much I wanted to get on one. We set out early from Melbourne Beach, trolled baits, and the next thing I knew I was on an ocean sleigh ride.

I hope y’all enjoy this video, as always thank you for all the love and support, it means the world!

Ocean Camping and Lobster Diving in Florida

This was by far one of my favorite trip's this summer!

Lauren was able to get some time off from work so we took a trip down to the Florida Keys for the Lobster Mini Season which is pretty much a state holiday to the locals.

Mini Season lasts for two days and you are able to keep 6 lobsters per person per day in Monroe County (Keys) and that was our goal!

It's a sought after time to go because it is the first two days anyone with a purchased permit can lobster before the commercial season starts in subsequent weeks.

Why Camp on the Water?
Here in Florida some islands or keys are privately owned so you can only camp on public islands and if there aren't any close to your diving grounds, you are out of luck.

Camping on the water not only keeps the miserable no see ums and mosquitoes away but with only a slight breeze it keeps you cooler than sleeping on land.

This style of camping is perfect for July in Florida!

Live the Sea-Doo Life

Living the Seas-Doo Life

Hold my Ankles - Kayak Fishing in the British Virgin Islands

For over 10 years I wanted to travel to the British Virgin Islands. That dream became a reality this year (prior to the pandemic). I caught a new personal best and a first, this trip also landed me a nickname, any guesses?! Haha

I hope y’all enjoy this video, as always thank you for all the love and support, it means the world!
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B.A. Fishing began with a determined three year old who refused to let go of her Mickey Mouse rod. “I got one, Dad!” she said with teeth clenched. Her Dad looked over with doubt, thinking it was the usual snag. To his surprise, the rod pulsed and the little girl reeled with all her might. Moments later, dinner was on board. It was a flounder, and a nice one at that measuring in at 24”. Bri has been hooked ever since.

As she grew up she grew as an angler too, trying all kinds of tackle, rods, reels, and searching for spots. Every experience was different than the last, each teaching her something new. A passion grew to explore more. People often discouraged her, "it isn’t safe!” they said and still say. But that hasn't stopped her. After she moved to Florida, she was determined to get on the water and discover the vast Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterways. She bought a paddleboard, a milk crate, and PVC pipe for rod holders and was off; in search of the biggest fish she could find.

Snook, jack, and tarpon became primary targets. The hope was finding a monster that would take her on the paddleboard ride of a lifetime. One day, a 41” snook found her hook, and Bri was off. Soon she added kayak fishing to the arsenal and found herself on her first sailfish sleigh ride. Once she got on the Sea-Doo FISH PRO her adventures expanded. She chases mahi-mahi, dives for lobsters, and coined the phrase “ocean camping” by camping on the water on an inflatable dock. The adventures haven't ceased with B.A. Fishing, and there's still so much of the world to explore. Come and see an authentic female angler who is determined to experience the wonder and beauty of pure adventure and saltwater fishing.